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Session 12: Hair styles

So I love shoes... a lot! But my love for shoes doesn't even come close to how much I love hair. Dreds, sparkly hair, long hair, pixie cuts - The possibilities are as varied as the yarn you can buy!

The videos at the bottom will walk you through how to create a long hair style for your doll. I introduce and talk you through fun fur and embroidered styles, but you will likely find the photos more helpful for these methods.

First, here are some examples of what you can accomplish with different types of yarn.

1). Fun Fur:

2). Textured Yarn:

3). Bulky Yarn:

4). Worsted Weight:

Watch the following videos below to see how I choose my yarn, how to build a hairline and the 3 methods I use for my doll hair.

Doll Hair, Part 1

Doll Hair, Part 2 - Embroidered styles

Building a long hairstyle:

1). Wrap your yarn around a book that is a little bit longer than the length of hair you would like (you can always trim her hair later). Cut the strands at one end of the book only (strands will be twice as long as the book).

2). Build the hairline:

3. Once you have finished attaching all of your hair, trim it to the desired length and style however you like!

Embroidered Styles

-Embroidered styles look best when your doll has ears.

-Embroidering the hair is done with long strands of yarn on a tapestry needle.

-Double the yarn and knot the end securing the knot inside the doll's head. You will run out of yarn multiple times before you finish but just continue to hide the knots in your head and continue on with a new strand.

In the graphic below I have numbered the frames in the order which I embroider the head (first the back in alternating rows starting at the nape, then the sides, the forehead and then the top.)

Browse the galleries for inspiration and head to the salon!

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