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*Handwash your doll with gentle detergent as necessary (dish soap is fine but sink baths only!)



*Do Not machine wash or dry;

* Squeeze out the remaining water and redistribute stuffing as necessary. Air dry.

*Excessively soiled dolls can be scrubbed with a soft bristle brush.

Use sparingly as some fuzzing/pilling may result.



*A doll that is tossed in a toy box will show signs of wear much sooner than one that has a place in your home



If you ever have any questions about your doll, please feel free

to contact me!

Care Instructions



If the hands of your doll are magnetic, they contain strong rare earth magnets. These are 1/2" in size and are sewn into the hands. Should the arms of your doll become torn, cut open or damaged in any way ensure that both magnets are accounted for and safely disposed of as they can cause serious harm to a child if ingested.

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