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Session 10: How to Assemble your Doll

You have worked so hard to create the pieces of your doll, but even the best work can be spoiled by sloppy seams and finishes. When I was learning amigurumi, it was the sewing that drove me crazy. I really don't like being able to see the stitches in a seam, so I scoured the internet for a solution until I found the brilliant Planet June!

I have credited Planet June for another technique that I use daily - the "jogless colour change", and I highly recommend her website for free patterns and tutorials if you are thinking of continuing with amigurumi!

The second of her techniques that I use is Planet June's Seamless Join for Amigurumi.

To start this session, please click the link for her seamless join and watch her short video on how to do this stitch. I will show you how to apply it to our pieces in the following videos, but watch her's first and hopefully my rookie videos will be much clearer.

Note: Before you start sewing, make sure that you have stuffed your doll firmly right up through the neck. This will ensure that you are lining up your dolls parts correctly as well as allows you the added security of being able to catch your knots in the stuffing.

Attaching the Arms, Part 1: (in two parts because... TODDLERS...)

Attaching the Arms, Part 2:

Sewing on the Hood:


This is an amazing join! I hope it makes sense, but as always, if you have any questions let me know! (photos of my doll to this point will be added as soon as I attach my hood!)

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