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Session 9: Hood

These dolls have seriously big heads and even bigger hair! It's part of their charm, but a major downfall when designing a hood pattern! If we were to use a hood big enough to fit properly, it would be massive. As a result, my dolls tend to have a purely decorative hood. Here it is all worked up!

Pattern Notes:

- stitches: single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc) and double crochet (dc).

- all decreases (marked sc2tog) will be an invisible decrease.

- Worked in rows, with a chain 1 and turn after each row.

- Sc in first stitch, and do not work into the turning chain.

IMPORTANT: When you start your chain - make sure you start with a super long tail. We will use the starting tail to sew the hood to the doll, so don't work over top of it.

1. Chain 51.

2. Sc into the second chain and in every stitch (50sc)

3. Ch 1, turn. Sc2tog. Sc in next 46 stitches. Sc2tog. (48sc)

4. Ch 1, turn. 48sc.

5. Ch 1, turn. 48sc.

6. Ch 1, turn. 48sc.

7. Ch 1, turn. 48sc.

8. Ch 1, turn. 48sc.

9. Ch1, turn. 19sc. hdc in next, dc in next 8, hdc in next, 19sc. (48 stitches)

10. Ch 1, turn. 48sc.

11. Ch 1, turn. 48sc.

12. Ch 1, turn. sc in next 4, [sc2tog x 3], sc in next 28, sc2tog x 3, sc in next 4. (42sc)

13. Ch 1, turn. sc in next 15, [sc2tog x 6], sc in next 15. (36sc)

14. Ch 1, turn. Sc in next 11, [sc2tog x 2], sc in next 6, [sc2tog x2], sc in next 11. (32sc)

15. Ch 1, turn. Sc in next 11, [sc2tog x2], sc in next 2, [sc2tog x 2], sc in next 11. (28sc)

16. Ch 1, turn. Sc in next 10, [sc2tog x 4], sc in next 10. (24).

To close, decide which side will be your "right side" - the long edge will turn under with one side facing out, and will flare a bit with the other side facing out. I like the long edge to curl under.

To finish your hood:

- Fold in half right sides together (shown in the photo below);

- Single crochet in next 12 stitches (through both layers)

- If you didn't leave a long tail at the start - when you fasten off by pulling the tail through the last sc , cut it super long and weave it down to the raw bottom edge of the hood (we will use it to attach the hood to the doll).

- If you have a long tail already, you can weave in the end before turning your finished hood right side out.


...Next session we will cover sewing pieces on to your doll...

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