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Session 11: Footwear and Hoodie Pocket

If I had to choose a favourite part of the doll to work on, it would have to be the shoes! Sparkly shoes, tall boots, scalloped edges, runners, ballet flats, pointe shoes.... I love shoes!

The shoe/boot pattern is going to look very similar because we have actually seen it before! (It is the same for the most part) as the foot pattern except that we will be using a bigger hook.


- I am using a G hook - if your footwear is too big, go down to an F)

- Start with the color you will be using for the sole of your shoe - leave a long tail to start as we will use it to sew on the laces as well. For boots I often do the sole and upper in the same color.

- Try your shoe on as your go to be sure it fits your foot, especially before decreasing the top of your foot. If you need to add a row before decreasing, feel free.

- For boots, keep your tension comfortable for the leg rows (not super tight) to be sure you can get your foot inside! Put the toe of your foot in as far as it will go before putting the heel in. You may need to compress the back of the foot a bit until it fits inside the boot. Just reshape with your fingers.


1. Ch6,

2. - Sc in the back loop of the second chain from the hook and in the back loop of every stitch after (5sc).

- Cross your tail over your working yarn and add 4 sc to the last stitch. (9sc so far)

- Continue working down the other side, working in the open loops of each of the 4 remaining chains (13 sc so far).

- Add 3 sc in the same same space as the first and last sc you did this round. (16sc)

3. *[Sc in next 3, 2sc in next]* Repeat from *[...]* around (20sc)

(If changing colors for the shoe upper continue to row 4a/5a. If continuing to crochet with the same color for the boot upper skip down to 4b/5b)

4a. Sc in the back loops of next 18 stitches. (color change now to upper color). Slip stitch in the back loop of the 19th stitch. Finish the next sc with the upper color. (20sc)

5a. Slip stitch in the first stitch with upper color (mark this stitch). Sc in every stitch this round working over your tails for a few stitches. (20sc)


4b. Sc in the back loops of the next 19 stitches. slip stitch in the last stitch (20sc).

5b. Sc in both loops of every stitch from now (mark the first stitch) (20sc).

6. Sc in every stitch. (20sc)

7. Sc in every stitch. (20sc)

8. Sc in every stitch. (20sc) (You should now have 5 rows above your landmarking line. )

9. Sc in the next 4 stitches. Sc2tog. hdc2tog. hdc2tog, sc2tog. Sc in the next 8 stitches (16sc)

10. Sc in the next 4 stitches. Sc2tog. Sc2tog. Sc in next 8 stitches. (14sc)

a). For running shoes ...That's it! Watch the video below for a demonstration of the invisible fasten off!

b). For boots, continue to sc around until you have 13 rows (a guideline only...make as tall or short as you like!) above your landmarking line on the left side of the boot (with toes facing you). The top edge of your boot is free for you to customize. I typically change it up between:

1. Simple sc Edge

2. A picot edge (click the link for picot variations/tutorials):

3. A scallop edge *[skip first stitch. 5sc in next. slip in next]* repeat around. To finish, place your last slip stitch in the previous row instead of the next stitch. (This will pull your last scallop down in line with your first scallop).

The edging options for your boots are endless. Play with it and have fun!

Watch the video below for a demonstration of the invisible fasten off and how to attach your shoes:

Attached or Removable Footwear:

1. If you would like removable footwear, just weave your end into the wrong side of your work (make sure you don't pull too tightly);

2. To sew your shoes on, invisibly fasten off your last stitch and then sew the shoe to the leg around the top edge. I like to place my stitches vertically, following the "V"'s of the last row. You don't have to sew every stitch, but make sure that it is securely attached. Leave your tail hanging at the back of the shoe. For one-color boots, proceed to 3b.

3a) Shoes/Two color boots: Using the starting tail from your sole color, embroider laces on the front of your shoe. or lines on the side of your shoe (like adidas etc.) You can make X's, or straight horizontal lines. Play with it and see what you like.

4 a) Bring your tail out the same stitch as the the tail you used to sew your shoe on (important that you are in the same stitch!) Knot these two tails together , insert your needle back into the same stitch and pull your knot into the stuffing to secure. Snip your tails.

3b) If you worked your entire boot in the same color, bring your tail from attaching your boot out the sole of your shoe. Insert your needle under a nearby stitch and securely fasten off (click for video tutorial). Pull needle out the opposite side of your work, tie a simple knot on the outside. Insert needle into the same stitch and pull the knot into your stuffing. Snip your tail!

I hope this section helps you to customize your footwear and really bring your doll to life! If you need more footwear inspiration, feel free to browse my gallery tab!


Hoodie Pocket Pattern:

(I use 8sc, you can customize to whatever size works for your doll)

1. Ch 9.

2. Sc in second stitch from the hook and each stitch after (8sc)

3. Ch1, turn, 8sc

4. Ch1, turn, 8sc

5. Ch1, turn, 8sc

6. Don't chain, turn, sc in next 7 stitches. Slip stitch in last. Leave a long tail for sewing to

your doll.

7. Pin to the front of your doll with the last rounded off row making the top edge of the pocket. I would suggest not pinning it totally flat but rounding out the pocket slightly.

8. Sew both long edges to your doll leaving the short sides open. Fasten off and secure your tails.

Attaching your Pocket:


As always, if you have any questions, let me know in study group!

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