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Our Story

About Me...

Welcome to Norah's Knot! I am Julie, a work at home mom of three tiny humans who are the inspiration behind Norah's Knot. Looking for an alternative to the cookie cutter dolls available in box stores? I believe that every child benefits from being able to see themselves reflected in their doll.

It began with a little girl....


Plastic princesses and cold Barbies were not what my Norah was looking for. She was almost 3 years old with sparkly eyes and a firecracker personality. She knew exactly what she wanted, but it couldn’t be found in the stores we were in – soft bodies, warm, modest. She really wanted a "girl pilot" doll, and there were none. The first doll I made was a collaboration, with Norah coming up with the ideas and me just bringing them to life. That doll rarely left her side, and I was hooked on the process. I fell in love with yarn, crocheting and simple, beautiful dolls that can be treasured for years. 

What do I love most about what I do? There is a moment in the creation of every doll, sometimes it even sneaks up on me, where the process is suddenly out of my control and this little being comes to life right in front of my eyes. I wait for that magical moment with each and every doll. 

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