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Starting Price List


Each doll is priced individually according to detail, materials used and accessories:


  • Ready-to-Ship dolls start at $70; 

  • Custom Dolls start at $100.

Norah's Knot specializes in handmade crocheted dolls designed to withstand toddler affections and inspire the imaginations of adults and children alike! Every doll that leaves Norah's Knot for their new family dreams of being loved on by the littles, building a lifetime of memories.   


The dolls arrive expressionless (unless requested) and this is very intentional. While I dream of sunshine and laughter for every child, for many that is not their reality. Some days are hard, some YEARS are hard, and it is in those times that a listening ear can be offered from a treasured, stuffed friend who promises not to laugh.


Do you have a little person in your life who can't find what they are looking for and would love a doll that speaks to their soul? Send me an email or find me on social media - I would love to make your ideas come alive!



"Hands down recommend Norah's Knot. She is super easy to work with, very talented and creative. Our doll is amazing it will be a special treasured piece for many years to come. I feel so fortunate to have one to pass on to my daughter. If I could give more stars, I certainly would. These dolls are fabulous."



"Julie was amazing to work with for the two customs I had made! She went out of her way to ensure the dolls were perfect in every way. I also really loved getting to "name" them from the name jar when I picked them up. Her work is amazing and her love shows in the details. Great experience, highly recommended." 

-- Amber


"I had to edit the photo I sent you so you couldn't see how "loved on" aka dirty this little guy is. You can tell his nose gets LOTS of kisses! None of my other kids had such an attachment to a toy or blanket. But Benjamin LOVES Bobby...he whispers his name till he falls asleep, takes him everywhere, gives him to people to hug and kiss all day long. Quality craftsmanship that is standing up to toddler love....we are big fans! Thanks Julie!"


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