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Session #1 - Orientation Day!

Welcome to Doll Making 101 with Julie! I am the body and soul behind the designs at Norah's Knot.

STEP 1: Join the Facebook study group ! If you haven't yet done so, request to join and you will be added!

The study group is a VIP area for you to share your progress, ask questions and upload files to your album. Blog comments are great but they have a limited scope - it is my hope that you will be able to support each other in the study group as well as be able to reach out to me with any questions that may crop up.

STEP 2: All done? Come join in for Orientation Day.


I have three simple questions, and your answers will help me tailor the course to meet YOUR needs.

1. How long have you been crocheting?

I learned to crochet using YouTube and the internet in 2013 and I have had a hook in my hand every day since! I recently added knitting to my bag of tricks. My full story can be found in the About section of my website.

2. Do you prefer to follow patterns or to free hand crochet?

I don't think I have ever followed a pattern exactly. I love the creative process and the endless possibilities of shaping pieces as I go and watching them come alive. This course will provide the best of both worlds - exact stitch counts but also the freedom to add your own style. If you are used to following traditional patterns stitch by stitch you may find my freehand style a bit daunting but I will do my absolute best to give you very clear directions.

3. Have you ever made a doll before? Is there one area you struggle with or would specifically like help with?

More than a few, and I hear that people like them a lot! If you are new to my work, feel free to browse the Gallery in my About section. I am so excited to see what you will make!

Those are my answers, now it's your turn. Using the comment form below, I would love to hear your answers to these three questions. Feel free to be as brief or wordy as you need!


...coming up in Session 2: Everything you need to know to collect your supplies.

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