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Back to School - Crochet School! Make Your Own Handmade Doll

Have you been counting the stitches in my photos and trying to figure out how to make a doll of your own? Do you know how to crochet but just haven't mastered the ins and outs of amigurumi yet?

I am tossing around the idea of an online doll-making course for people who have a basic knowledge of crochet already! Over a series of V.I.P blog posts, we would make one of my most versatile dolls. The possibilities with this doll are endless! Variations would include:

* Boy/Girl

* Leggings/shorts

* Sneakers/Boots

* Hoodie/ no Hoodie

* Hair variations/tips

Your $20 Registration fee would include:

- Full access to the password protected, V.I.P section of this blog;

- Full support through the process as well as access to the dollmaking crochet school on Facebook to share photos and your progress as well as to help each other in your journey;

- I will also provide each of you with 2 black, 4.5mm safety eyes with washers which will be mailed out to you after registration.


Would a "crochet school" of this type interest you? Leave a comment below to let me know! If you include your email address in the comment section, I will be sure to notify you when the course registration opens! Contact me directly on any of my social media feeds if you would prefer not to leave your email.

I hope you can tell how excited I am about this - it could be so much fun! If you know someone who might be interested, feel free to share this post! I'm looking forward to helping you create your own beautiful doll!


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